Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy 110th Founders Day, AKA!

January 15 was also the day in Black history in which America's first collegiate sorority for African-American women was founded 110 years ago on the Howard University campus.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc was founded on this day in 1908, and 110 years later the pretty girls who wear twenty pearls number nearly 300,000 college educated women across the the US and the world.  Those women are found in many fields from politics, education, sports, business, the media, the military, legal , criminal justice and social justice realms.

Some of those wonderful women who wear AKA's salmon pink and apple green colors include my mom, sister and other members of my own family. 

Image result for 68th boule alpha kappa alphaThis year also means that it's Boule time.   

And in another example, Texas conservafools of the nice things you get when you don't pass blatantly discriminatory legislation,  the 68th annual AKA convention will be coming to the George R,Brown Convention Center here in Houston this July.

And yes Texas GOP, this is a multimillion dollar major convention that we almost lost because of your idiocy that was thankfully thwarted by Texas House legislative grownups.

Looking forward to seeing you AKA's in my hometown this summer

And o yeah,  Happy Founders' Day! 


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