Monday, January 29, 2018

Another Day, Another Trump Misadministration Typo

Image: State of the Union ticket

The late educator Marva Collins used to say that 'Readers are Leaders'.   It's quite obvious in this Trump misadministration that not a whole lot of reading, much less proofreading is going on.

As a matter of fact, 45 has admitted that he doesn't read a lot of books, and it shows. Did they cut the budget for a proofreader in this misadministration?

There has been a long list of glaring typos in press releases, agency tweets and on the White House daily schedule, and glaring typos and spelling errors in 45's tweets.

Now they are dealing with embarrassing typo spotted in the tickets that were printed for tomorrow nights State of the Union address.

The sergeant-at -arms office is correcting their mistake and is representing the tickets

But it's just another example of the idiocracy taking hold in this administration

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