Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Congratulations To New Caucus Prez Mike Webb!

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It was a packed January meeting for the Houston GLBT Caucus to start this 2018 political season which had a dual purpose tonight.

In addition to the many Houston area candidates seeking the prized Caucus endorsements in their state legislative, congressional and state judicial races, the Caucus membership was also meeting to elect a new president and board.

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A long list of speakers that snaked around the Montrose Center room took turns getting one minute to explain why they were seeking the Caucus endorsements for their various races.

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One candidate I was shocked to see walk through that door was Demetria Smith.  She had a failed run for the District D council seat in 2013 and for Houston mayor in 2015.  She's now running for the Democratic nomination for Texas governor.. 

She was also a transphobic HERO opponent during that failed 2015 mayoral run, but was allowed to come to the mic and address the crowd.  She had a meltdown after her time expired and is now trying to claim she was 'excluded' from the event.

Did Demetria Smith really think the Houston TBLGQ community would forget she opposed HERO and dissed the trans community while doing so? 

Naw boo boo kitty, we didn't.   And Moni is an unapologetic part of the trans community you dissed to oppose HERO.  I damned sure haven't forgotten who my enemies are from the 2015 HERO repeal fight.

Smith had the nerve to come ask for the Houston GLBT Caucus endorsement tonight in her doomed Democratic governor's primary race, and act a fool when her one minute ran out with a line of speakers snaking around the crowded room patiently waiting their turn to do so. 
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FYI- 25% of the vote in a Texas statewide election comes from the Houston area.   The other fact is that if you're seeking to win a Democratic primary, the endorsement of the Houston GLBT Caucus (of which I am a member BTW) is a major Houston area political step towards making that happen. 
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So have several sections of seats at Toyota Center.  I didn't forget you were anti-HERO and you hated on the Houston trans community while doing so.  And yeah, she's a SUF award nominee.

But back to the post.   
Once the speeches were over, it was on to the main business of the night.

Caucus VP Mike Webb was elected as the organization's new president to succeed Frances Valdez,it's first ever Latina one.   Valdez decided not to seek a full term of her own, and was finishing the remainder of Fran Watson's term after she resigned to run for the Texas Senate.

Congrats Mike!  The Caucus leaders once again is in good hands.

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