Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Perv Watch- HERO Hater Named In Lawsuit

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One of the patterns that keeps emerging as I do these TransGriot Perv Watch posts is that they are predominately white, male, Republican and fundamentalist Christian.

In the first Perv Watch post of 2018, I stay close to home, and we discover something that shouldn't have been a surprise to me as we successfully fought to pass the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance in May 2014  and went through the repeal fight in 2015. 

One of our HERO haters possibly engaging in the behavior he was falsely accusing the Houston trans community of. 

Meet Jared Woodfill,  the president of the SPLC certified hate group the Conservative  Republicans of Texas.    Woodfill is the former chair of the Harris County Republican Party who made an unsuccessful bid to get the chairmanship of the Texas Republican Party

Paul Pressler
Seems that Jared was named as a defendant in a lawsuit against his law partner, former Republican state rep Paul Pressler      Pressler is accused of sexually assaulting Gareld Rollins over a period of 35 years, beginning when that person was just 14 years old.


In addition to Woodfill being named in the lawsuit, it also lists as defendants Pressler's wife Nancy Pressler, First Baptist Church,  the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and SBTS president Rev. Paige Patterson.   

Pressler claimed this is just an attempt to 'extort money from the Southern Baptist Convention ' and he will fight it tooth and nail.

Umm hmm.   Will be interesting to see how this turns out 


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