Friday, January 19, 2018

Shut Up Fool Awards- One Year Under A Fool Edition

Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of the shameful moment in American history that we replaced the first Black president of the United States with an ignorant racist  buffoon

We're still here since Dear Orange Misleader hasn't triggered World War III yet, but still have to suffer through another two years of this misadministration. 

Let's get to this week's Shut Up Fool Award nominees 

Honorable mention number one is guess who?   Donald Trump for just pck an outrage.,

Honorable mention number two I go north of the border for to Canada.    The minimum wage in the province of Ontario went up to $14 on January 1, and Tim Hortons franchise owners Jason and Susan Holman reacted by cutting benefits to their employees, and when they complained, told them to blame Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne for it and 'not to vote Liberal' in June. 

For my TransGriot Canadian readers who live in Ontario, piss off the Holman's by voting Liberal 

Honorable mention number three is that two bit three block rapper Offset, who thinks he's all that because he's dating Cardi B's problematic azz.   He opened up his mouth to say he can't vibe with queers.

Dude, trust, none of them want to vibe with you either.

Honorable mention number four is Mat Blood, who is now 'ashamed' after being dared by friends to to do so, was videotaped shouting 'F*** N*****s! into a bullhorn with a Nazi flag draped over his shoulders.
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb..   Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumbbbbbb.   Ruining your life on a dare.
And you so-called master race fools have the nerve to call Black people stupid.       

Honorable mention number five is DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, for lying under oath during a congressional hearing and her Scandinavian descended azz trying to claim she didn't know if Norway was a predominately White country and t=Trump called Haiti and 54 African nations s***hole countries.

Honorable mention number six is the NY Times Editorial board, who is still trying to make excuses for their fellow white people racistly voting for Dear Orange Misleader

Harley Barber.This week's Shut Up Fool winner is  Harley Barber,  who got her Trump voting behind expelled from her Alpha Phi sorority and the University of Alabama for posting a racist video on Martin Luther King Day, being Becky Badass and doubling down on the racism, and then when the hammer fell down on her, crying white women's tears about what she'd done.   

Maybe you'll get a job on FOX Noise and a full ride at Liberty University.

But what you did learn this week is that racism costs.

Harley Berber, shut up fool!

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