Friday, January 26, 2018

British Labour Party Continues Trans Supportive Shortlist Policy

To address the problem of lack of feminine representation in the British Parliament, the Labour Party for over a decade has instituted a policy of having all women shortlists when looking for MP candidates to run in some of  the various parliamentary constituencies.

It is hoped that by instituting the policy, it would increase the number of women MP's in Parliament  The shortlist policy has also helped trans women who are active in the Labour Party as well.

Because of that policy, several trans women ran as Labour MP candidates in the 2017 cycle, and one nearly broke through to become the first out trans person ever elected to the British Parliament.

Sophie Cook came within a few thousand votes of becoming the first Labour candidate elected to the Conservative stronghold Shoreham and Worthing seat in 20 years.  Cook received almost 21,000 votes and made it one of the biggest swing seats in that 2017 British election cycle

But the British TERF's have been acting a fool lately across The Pond and ramping up their hate speech they aim at our British trans cousins.   They have fixed their attention on the inclusion of trans women on Labour Party shortlists, and have been raising a serious stink about it to the pont they started raising funds for a lawsuit to kill the policy.

When Dawn Butler, the Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities expressed  her support for trans women being on the Labour waitlists, she was viciously attacked by the TERF's. 

Stella Creasy, another Labour MP who expressed support for trans equality and Paris Lees' appearing on the cover of British Vogue was also savagely attacked by the out of control TERFBeckys 

The TERF's are also tripping because Lily Madigan, a 19 year old trans teen who was elected to a leadership role in the Labour Party, applied for the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme, but was turned down for it after enduring a storm of criticism and abuse for putting in the application for it

Madigan is more determined than ever to make her dream true of becoming an MP   Dr. Heather Peto, another trans women who is active in the Labour Party, has also made it on to a shortlist in the next general election for the Rushcliffe seat.

The good news is that despite all the negativity being stirred up by the TERF's and other anti-trans hatemongers, the Labour Party will continue their policy of placing trans women on the shortlists 

At the Labour Party's recent National Executive Committee meeting, a party spokesperson said "At the NEC yesterday is was confirmed that all women shortlists are and have always been open to all women, which of course includes trans women." 

"The party will continue to consult with key stakeholders about the wording of this policy and will issue guidance to CLP's"

And a win not only for our British trans cousins, but for transkind as well .

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