Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Not Letting Transphobic Comments Slide In The 2K18

In the 2K18, there will be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to transphobic comments.  Be prepare for when I am made aware of them for the callout to swifty follow, and I don't care whether the comments came from a friend foe or frenemy. 

When we have just exited a year in which 24 trans people lost their lives, and lost another trans woman in the first week of 2018, that's why I'm not letting transphobic comments slide, especially when they come from POC's.

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Since the Texas Lege is not in session until 2019, I'll have time to keep a close watch on these out of control TERF's  (trans exterminationalist/exclusionary radical feminists) 

In addition to calling out transphobic comments from them, people within the TBLGQ community are on notice I'm not having it from y'all either. 

And I'm definitely going to put on blast self hating trans people like the TS separatists  and the HBSers (or as I call them White Women Born Transsexual).   You can feel froggy and leap if you want to.   You'll be leaping right into a verbal smackdown. . 

Anti-trans Hate Thoughts + Anti-trans Hate Speech =  Anti-trans hate violence and murders.

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I am tired of TERF's. the kissing cousins to white fundamentalist, peddling the phobic 'trans women don't belong in women's spaces' narrative as my Trans sis Clara Mejias pointed out

'The idea that "women's spaces" are safe havens from violence and trauma is absurd bullshit and I'm DONE humoring that line of discussion.Cis women are violent as f**k when they find a victim they can get away with hurting, same as cis men.'-Clara Mejias

She's right..  Remember  trans woman Chrissy Polis getting attacked in 2011 in a videotaped beatdown in a suburban Maryland McDonald's by a cis woman and a at the time 14 year old juvenile girl?

Or Elizabeth Lambert violently yanking her opponent to the ground during a soccer match by her hair?

Transphobic comments and the transphobic stench they generate will not be tolerated in the 2K18's.  You've been warned.

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