Friday, January 26, 2018

Shut Up Fool Awards- I'm Not In DC For #CC18 Edition

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The 30th Annual edition of the LGBTQ Task Force's Creating Change Conference is happening right now in Washington DC and guess where I am?    Not in the Marriott Wardman Park host hotel that's for sure.

This i the first Creating Change I've missed since I started this current run with #CC14 in Houston.  And yeah, I'm bummed out about it. 

So let me take out my frustration for not being at #CC18 on the cavalcade of fools we have desecrating our country . 

Honorable mention number one  is Sarah Suckabee Huckabee Sanders for just pick a lie

Honorable mention number two is Teddie Butcher.   The Alabama teacher is probably still mad that Roy Moore lost because she told a group of students who were listening to Tupac's  Dear Mama' song to  'turn that n****r music off.  

Hope this bigot Becky gets her teaching career turned off.

Honorable mention number three is  Chelsea Manning for trying to claim that 'she was on a spy mission when she fell into that white supremacist party. 

Yeah, tell that to the gullible Green Tea Party folks who think you're a hero.   Moni ain't buying those woof tickets you're selling

Honorable mention number four is Sean Hannity, who tried to slime Trump-Mueller report as 'fake news and failed spectacularly while doing so. 

Image result for Courtland SykesThis week's Male Chauvinist Pig er. Shut Up Fool winner is Courtland Sykes, who is running for the Republican US Senate nomination and made some disparaging remarks about women's rights and , feminists.

He topped it off with the comment he wants to 'come home to a cooked dinner every night.'

Wll, the only thing you're going to be coming home to is a TV dinner and a cold shower.

Sen. Claire McCaskill must be salivating about taking this fool on in a general election if he gets the GOP nomination.

Courtland Sykes, shut up fool

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