Monday, January 01, 2018

Black TBLGQ America Needs To Have A Family Chat With Black America About Your Anti-TBLGQ Attitudes In 2018

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There are a lot of things that need to happen in Black TBLGQ-SGL World in 2018.  Some of those things have a higher priority than others.

One of them that is an absolute imperative in 2018 is a family conversation discussing the transphobia and homophobia in our midst that is being exploited by white Republicans and white fundamentalists to create a wedge between the Black TBLGQ and Black community.

We've repeatedly tried and asked for in Black TBLGQ America for the rest of the Black community to have that conversation about the homophobia and transphobia in their midst, but have been ignored. . 

After witnessing 17 Black trans people making up the bulk of the 24 trans people murdered in the US last year, another trans woman in Detroit shot during a robbery attempt and put in a wheelchair, and two Black women and their kids savagely murdered by two wastes of DNA during the Christmas holidays, enough is enough. 

Our Black Lives Matter Too.   

We're tired of politely asking for that convo to happen and being ignored.   
Now we're demanding that Come to Jesus family conversation happen because frankly, the homophobic and transphobic ignorance is killing cis and trans Black people. 

It is getting Black trans, bi and same gender loving kids thrown out of their homes and onto the streets because of a 
specious interpretations of scripture.   
It is also leading to as the Houston HERO ordinance repeal vividly demonstrated in 2015, Black folks being hoodwinked and bamboozled into voting against human rights laws that protect the ENTIRE community because they wanna hate on TBLGQ people at the behest of white Republican voting fundies.   Meanwhile those same white fundies, once they get the result they want, kick you useful kneegrow pastors to the political curb and laugh at you in their quiet rooms at their overwhelmingly white exurban megachurches

Whether these family conversations about the anti-TBLGQ attitudes happen locally at town halls, at ,the NAACP, Urban League, National Association of Black Journalists conventions, NBJC's OUT on the Hill or ESSENCE Fest, they need to happen this year. 

Image result for BLACK LGBTQ ommunityIt is past time for the Black community to recognize that Black TBLGQ America is an intertwined part of the Black community.  We are not going to be prayed out of existence or back into the closet..

We in Black TBLGQ World will not allow your incorrect interpretations of your religious faith to be used as an excuse to justify your anti-trans and anti-gay bigotry to fellow Black people.

Do we expect the anti-TBLGQ attitudes to go away this year?   No we don't.   We in Black trans, bi and SGL World know this is a long term project.  But we can't fix the problem unless we start diagnosing and talking about that problem.

Whenever those community conversations happen or how they get organized, it needs to be ASAP.  The patience that Black TBLGQ America has for having a polite family discussion about the transphobia and homophobia in our community's midst  is wearing thin, especially when it's our peeps who are taking the brunt of the casualties because of it.the

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