Friday, January 05, 2018

Important 2018 Texas Election Dates

For you Texans pissed off about the shenanigans, passed and attempts in SB6's case to pass unjust legislation that occured in the GOP controlled Texas legislature, just a friendly TransGriot reminder we're now five days into 2018 , which is an election year. 

What are you going to do about it besides complain?    The Texas GOP, their base voters  and their 1% allies are counting on you to throw up your hands in frustration, assume your votes won't do anything to change the situation, and stay home.

Staying at home is a vote for the status quo.

Our Lone Star State election turnout in 2014 was a pathetic 28.5% and we must do better. 

That turnout  number made Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and his fellow Texas Republicans smile because they hate high voter turnout and know their party wins in low turnout elections. . 

Yes, the Texas voter suppression law had something to do with that but as Alabama prove, you increase turnout, you overwhelm the GOP voter suppression apparatus. 

And frankly, I want to turn this state blue after having to make 8 trips to Austin during the 2017 session to kill SB 6.   I want to deliver some political payback at the polls.  But me and the Texas Black community cant do it by ourselves.    You Texas liberal progressive voters are going to have to do more than just talk in order to turn Texas blue, ,y'all need to show up at the polls and vote!  .

Tthe best way to get revenge on politicians who pissed you off is to make them ex-politicians, not sit at home on Election Day and sulk about the situation.

And it is one of my New Year's resolutions to do my part via TransGriot to help provide you Texas based readers with the information you'll need to cast informed ballots in this 2018 election cycle.

So how about trying a new strategy in 2018?   Voting the GOP bums out of office?   It's past time to pull up the adult underwear of your choice and bumrush the polls on November 5 or during early voting if you wish. 

But the first order of business is to ensure that you are registered to vote in Texas.  You should have received the new Texas voter registration card that will be good until December 31, 2019   If you wish to participate in the party primaries, you have until February 5 to get registered to vote in the Lone Star State. 

You can check your registration status  at

Early voting for the Texas primary elections starts February 20 and runs until March 2/, with primary election day happening on March 6

If you miss the February 5 registration date, you still have time until October 9 o get registered for the general election.

Early voting for the November general election will start on October 22, and run until November 2
After that you'll have to wait until November 6 to handle your election business.

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