Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Don't Like The Effects WWBT's, Don't Produce The Cause

One of the reasons I love Parliament-Funkadelic's music so much is because there was a lot of truth in many of the songs they wrote and produced back during the 70's and 80's that touched on social issues. 

One of those truths was echoed in a Funkadelic song entitled 'If You Don't Like The Effects, Don't Produce The Cause'

Lately the WWBT's have been crying white women's tears all over the Net because their 'widdle' pearl clutching feelings have been hurt because I and others have been relentless in not only exposing their racist and exclusionary agenda, making fun of them, and at times pimp slapping them back with the same ferocity of rhetoric they have hurled at others.

They have had their Two Minute Hate on for me and those people who confront them ever since.

Doubleplusgood then.

If y'all don't like the effects of being called the Transsexual Taliban, Transsexual Borg, WWBT's, the Tea Trans Klan and my personal favorite ubermenschen, then you and your transsexual separatists need to stop producing the cause.   I and the rest of the community aren't calling y'all out and whacking y'all with these sobriquets for nothing as much as y'all would like to pimp that lie.  We are reacting to your continued nekulturny actions and jacked up sellout behavior.

You are the ones that for years have using radical feminist language against other transpeople, advocating they get cut out of civil rights coverage, demonizing your opponents, trying to redefine the transsexual definition so it benefits you only and now you're crying white women's tears because you can't take what you've been dishing out for years?

What, you girls were that hooked on your whiteness and white privilege to believe that you could and would be able to continue doing that indefinitely without getting the inevitable pushback from the people you aim your crap at and who are beyond sick and tired of it?

I don't think so.  Moni don't play that, and neither do the folks you've been aiming your lies and your electronic brownshirt tactics at.   Buy a vowel, get a clue, and stop hatin'

And I repeat.  If you don't like the effects WWBT's, don't produce the cause.

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