Monday, August 22, 2011

Laverne Cox On Joy Behar Tonight

If you're channel surfing and looking for something interesting to watch, check out the Joy Behar Show later tonight at 9 PM CDT on HLN.   There will be a panel discussion on the topic of trans people in entertainment.

Laverne Cox is one of the people on this panel along with Chaz Bono, Gun Hill Road actress Harmony Santana and Don Lemon?  

Okay.  Big ups to the fact there is a multicultural trans panel for this one.  But why is Don Lemon a part of this discussion if the subject is trans people in entertainment?

I'm just askin' a question.

Good luck ladies and gents, hope the discussion is an informative one and I will definitely be tuned in for it. 

TransGriot Note:  Found out Don is the guest host and Isis King is also part of this panel.   He's subbing for Joy while she's on vacation.   Gives me even more of a reason to watch tonight's show.

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