Monday, August 22, 2011

New Inclusive Rules For HISD Schools

The 2011-2012 school year starts for HISD students today.  For the first time students in the largest school district in Texas and seventh largest in the nation will do so with a Student Code of Conduct policy that includes anti bullying provisions with gender identity and expression language

The gender identity and expression language is also included in the anti discrimination portions of HISD's employment policy as well. 

It passed on a unanimous 8-0 vote and we do need to take a moment to thank all the HISD Board of trustee members who voted for the policies. 

The members who are up for reelection, HISD  board president Paula Harris (District IV), Carol Mims Galloway (District II), Manuel Rodriguez (District III), and Juliet Stipeche (District VIII) we can thank not only with e-mails, but with our ballots November 8.

My rep Paula Harris has drawn an opponent while the other three members whose terms are up in this cycle haven't as of yet.   The  deadline to file challenges against them is September 7.      

We also need to take a moment to thank Chris Busby and Jenifer Rene Pool whose multiyear work and patient engagement with the Board of Trustees made it happen.  

To our TBLG kids matriculating in HISD we have this to say to you.  We love y'all, study hard, have a wonderful school year, know we have your backs if something needs addressing, and we hope and pray the new policies that are in place make a huge difference in making your school year much better than it was previously.

We hope the same applies to TBLG people who work for the district as well.

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