Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Pam and Judge Vicky

One of the cool things about your birthday is that you find out who some of the well known or historically famous people you share it with.

I find it deliciously interesting that two trailblazing transwomen, author Pamela Hayes and California Superior Court Judge Vicky Kolakowski share the same birthday, and I wasn't missing the opportunity to give them both the TransGriot birthday shout outs they deserve.

Pam's musings appear on TransGriot from time to time, and I wanted to take a moment to not only thank her for providing her take on various trans and other issues as she sees them, but for allowing me to share her words with you readers in the first place.

Pam, may you have a happy, low stress birthday full of blessings and may you have more of them    

And keep those words of wisdom coming.

If you're wondering where you've heard that name before, Judge Vicky Kolakowski made history during the 2010 election cycle by becoming the first open transperson elected to a judicial trial court bench.

That happened in California, and Judge Vicky after the initial crush of well deserved media attention is settling into her duties and serving the people of Alameda County well..   

I'm hoping that trailblazing Judge Vicky is also enjoying her birthday as well.  May she have many more of them, and may she be reelected by the people of Alameda County to continue serving them.

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