Sunday, August 14, 2011

Houston's Record Hot Summer

You conservafools still think global warming is a myth?   Roll on down to the Lone Star State.

Been writing posts about how bad the heat has been this summer, and today in Houston we tied two temperature records. 

It hit 109 degrees F (43 C) which ties the all time high temperature record for the city that was set on September 4, 2000.   With us cracking 100 degrees again (38 C) for the day before the thunderstorms popped up and cooled things down to the 90's in the IAH area, as I type this we tied a mark that has stood since 1980 for the most consecutive 100 degree temperature days at 14.   

In H-town we've had 14 days of 100 degree temperatures in August for the first time since the summer of 1993, and 25 days in this summer season of 100 degree temperature days.   Those records are definitely in danger of falling because the forecast for this week calls for more hot, dry weather with over half the month of August still left. 

In case you're wondering where this summer ranks with past Houston ones, this is now the second hottest on record since the summer of 1980 in which we recorded 32 days with 100 degree temps or higher.  

I remember it all too well because my car at the time had a black paint job with burgundy roof    Even though I had combo leather and upholstered seats, in order to keep from getting burned I had to cover them with beach towels.  

As long as they keep making Blue Bell and the air conditioner is working, I'll be alright.

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