Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Interesting Reason Michele Bachmann Can Win The GOP Nomination

Michele Bachmann won the Ames, IA Straw Poll last Saturday, which makes her the frontrunner in the chain of fools running for the GOP presidential nomination.  

There's still a long way to go before the calendar flips to 2012 and the February 6 Iowa Caucuses.   It's the first step on the long winding primary road that will eventually reveal the winner of the GOP nomination and the person standing in the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL in late August making their acceptance speech.

But if I had to place a bet right now on who would be the last person standing on that night, Michele Bachmann would be high on my list and here's why.

Governor Goodhair has a shot as well, but that's another post. 

One of the things Republicans have been short on in the last 30 years because of their increasingly racist and anti civil rights stances is making American political history with their candidacies.  

First woman nominated to become a vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket wasn't Sarah Palin, but Democrat Geraldine Ferraro back in 1984.   The first African-American to run a major political party?  Ronald H. Brown in 1988,  long before Michael Steele reached that milestone with the GOP.  First African American female senator? Democrat Carol Moseley-Braun in 1992.

And yeah, the big one, the first African American president and First Lady both have a Democratic label to them.  It's one of the reasons many GOP peeps are pissed at Colin Powell is because he didn't run in 2000 and give them the opportunity to claim that major first for themselves.

Well, they could nominate Mitt Romney, but let's be real, the GOP is not going to do that.  The evangelical wing can't stand him because he's a Mormon, believes he didn't do enough when he was governor of Massachusetts in their minds to stop gay marriage from happening, passed the universal health care law that was the model for the Health Care Act, and they like Gov. Goodhair.

So they'll take their next best historical option by by trying to grab the history that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton narrowly missed making in 2008 by nominating Michele Bachmann for the presidency.

If she does get it, don't be surprised if you see Bachmann nominate Herman Cain or Marco Rubio as her running mate and give the Repugs a two-fer in the history department since there has never been in American political history a POC nominated as a major party vice presidential running mate and they're cynical like that.

They don't have a facts based message.  The only thing they can sell is hatred of President Obama and the history to the voters who don't watch Fox Noise and are smart enough to know they GOP is all hat and no cattle.

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