Saturday, August 13, 2011


Nope, that wasn't the score of the latest Houston Astros loss.    It was the result of the HISD board of trustees vote on the second reading of the measure Thursday night that adds gender identity and expression to the district's employment policy.

HISD is now the second school district in Texas after Fort Worth ISD and the largest in the state to have an employment policy that covers transpeople.

Dallas ISD will have their final vote on August 25, so get busy Dallas peeps being agents for your own liberation. 

Thanks to Chris Busby and Jenifer Rene Pool who have been working on this for several years, and megathanks to the eight school board members who voted for this measure.  

Would have been a 9-0 sweep had one member who was in favor of the policy change not had pressing out of town business.   That member let us know via e-mail that they would have voted yes

Thanks for having our backs Thursday night.   We as a community won't forget it and damned sure have yours the next time you are running for reelection.

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