Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If You Respect Transpeople, Then Treat Us The Way You'd Want To Be Treated

One of the downsides of being back home is increasingly running into peeps that knew the pre-transition version of yours truly before she morphed into the Phenomenal Transwoman she is now.   They continue to stumble over pronouns and misgender me instead of dealing with the reality that the pre-transition me left the building over a decade ago and ain't coming back.  

It's annoying when I've spent almost two decades being Moni, so they should have long since got the memo that this ain't a phase.

I'm also tired of cis people when they are in conversations with transpeople using the word 'ilfestyle' in conjunction with talking about our lives.   It also more irritating and insulting when you throw in an incorrect pronoun or two while doing so. 

Frankly I'm sick of trans people inside and outside the TBLG community using that right wing framing as well.  You do not use your oppressors words to define you or your lives, we need to be the ones writing the dictionaries and defining the terms.

Once again, a transperson lives a life, just like you, not a 'lifestyle'.   Respect that.  .

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