Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Moni's Mass Transit Truisms

I don't mind riding mass transit to get me somewhere, but I've noted some things that seem to be universal about it no matter where you live.

1.  There will always be more buses or trains going in the opposite direction of which you are traveling while you impatiently await yours.

2.  You will have at least one person having a cell phone conversation that gives the whole bus or train too much damned information about their personal drama or salacious detail about their sex lives.

3.  That person having the TMDI conversation will almost always be sitting in the back of the bus.

4.  The farther in the back you sit on a bus, the lower the maturity level of the passenger.

5.  If you're trans, some fool will always try to pluck your last nerve when you have already had a less than pleasant day or aren't feeling well.

6. You will have some fool getting on the driver's last nerve and pissing them off while you are either enroute to where you need to go or on your way home.

7. There will always be at least one or more persons holding up progress in boarding the bus or train because they don't have their money ready, transfer or pass ready to show the driver or transit po-po's, or are fumbling with their luggage, stroller or bike despite sitting there with plenty of prep time to do so while waiting for the bus or train to arrive at their pick up stop.

8.  When you need to be somewhere at a certain time or are trying to catch a connecting bus or train, that is when your driver either needs to take a bathroom break, stops to get something to eat, or something else retards its progress toward your connection point.

9. When you just want peace and quiet on the trip, that is when you'll get some noisy kids, somebody playing their music too loud, a crying baby or other issue boarding at the next stop and they'll end up sitting fairly close to you..

10. If you're female, some scrub will sit right next to you and try to mack when you don't want that attention.

TransGriot Note: Feel free to add more in the comment thread....

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