Friday, August 19, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 18- MIRVing Houston Fools

It didn't take long for the haters to come scurrying out to attack yours truly when I simply asked some questions in relation to the Pool race.   So it's time to leave drydock, cruise the cyberseas and irradiate some fools once again.

First up is someone calling themselves Silliness (their chosen name, not mine) who expressed themselves in two comments about the Houston Rainbow Flavored Political Intrigue post.

Why would Bo Fraga take your political advice? You obviously know nothing about Houston politics. Judging from the trash like this that she is putting out, neither does Jenifer Pool.

The first comment was followed up with this gem.

Noel Freeman said on Facebook that he was never asked to run. You are a liar. The Jenifer Pool campaign has nothing but lies and trash to spread.

Tsk, tsk tsk. I'm going to have to launch a MIRVed troll nuke today.   5...4...3...2...1...Launch!

Why would I take seriously commentary from someone hiding behind a pseudonym?   You got something to say, don't be 'scurred'.   Be bold and put your name on it.   

Make up your mind.  Either I don't know anything about Houston politics (which I obviously do because I wrote a post about survey says, Houston politics) or I know enough about the subject of Houston politics to the point you started your two sentence diatribe with 'Why should Bo Fraga take your advice?'

I'm asking questions in this post, not dishing out political advice.  Your reading comprehension needs work.

As for your second comment accusing me of lying.  See the GOP, FOX news and any right wing blog for examples of lying so you can discern the difference.  

I stated from the outset it was a rumor.  Noel Freeman left a comment in the post post thread   Haven't seen the FB thread in question yet to verify your comment to see if you aren't lying.   In the post I stated several prominent gay Houstonians were contacted about getting into the Position 2 at large race.   Didn't mention Jenifer by name except to establish a basis for a timeline as to when the back channel activity is rumored to have started.   

So how in your mind is asking questions about whether a rumor is true or not jump to 'lying'? 

Sniff sniff, smelling smoke in the air, so a fire may be blazing somewhere in the vicinity.  Why are you getting all bent out of shape about it?   Is your last name Fraga? 

And in regard to the Jenifer Pool campaign, if they have in your limited words, 'nothing but lies and trash to spread', why has she raised over 30K?   Why has she gotten the endorsement of the GLBT Caucus among others?   And why did someone feel so threatened by her campaign and the prospect of Jenifer raising her hand and taking the oath of office in January 2012 the mystery person allegedly called the Victory Fund and said she 'wasn't a viable candidate' ?

If her campaign isn't all that, why the need to go to those lengths?  

Moving on to the next MIRVed target.  There's Johnny, who also had something negative to say about that same post.

Pool is not a viable candidate. She has very little political experience and virtually no electoral base. Fraga isn't much better though. Both will lose to former State Rep. Kristi Thibaut, a victim of last year's Tea Party wave.  As for CM Jones, well she's crazy. Her unwavering support for the GLBT community is not enough to make up for her divisive antics at the Council table, not to mention her record of abusing her position to further her legal practice.

The smell of vanilla privilege is strong with you, Johnny.   First up, damned sure didn't appreciate you calling a sitting African-American council woman 'crazy' and divisive'.  That's standard whiteness attack speak aimed at any Black politician that takes stances you don't like.  

And gee, running a flyer on a city of Houston copier is 'abusing her position'.  Turn off Fox26 and watch some real news for a change.  I guess if she had less melaninn in her skin, had blond hair and blue eyes and wasn't calling people out on their BS it wouldn't be an issue.

And still Councilmember Jones rises.

The voters of the city of Houston will decide on November 8 who gets that Position 2 seat.   It will probably go to a runoff thanks to six candidates being in this race, so the person who bust their behinds getting their message out, garnering support, does the GOTV prep and gets their voters to the polls will win this one.

Ask the people in my neck of Houston who Kristi Thibault is and you'll get a collective who?   But I've observed Pool signs in parts of District D and other sections of Houston, so obviously she's got some support.  Ask Mayor Parker about what being a past president of the Houston GLBT caucus can do for your chances of winning elective office in H-town

And never underestimate the power of casting a ballot for a candidate that if elected will make history by doing so.

Thank you for playing.  You peeps can pick up your coupons for your six packs of sour grapes flavored Hateraid on your way out. 

Oh yeah, duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nukes go off.

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