Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unjust Anti-Trans UN Paper Pwned By Beth Elliott

Was over at Dented Blue Mercedes and just had to link to the post in which Beth Elliot pwned the unjust anti-trans UN paper that radical lesbian trans oppressors Brennan and Hungerford wrote to the UN.

Who is Beth Elliott?  Only one of our trailblazing transwomen who is severely hated on by radical lesbian separatists. 

Beth penned a rebuttal to their unjust UN paper that would have deleterious effects on worldwide trans human rights
Honorable Commissioners, 

I write in regard to the CSW Communications Procedure submission of 1 August by Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford alleging that gender identity anti-discrimination statutes in the United States threaten to violate women’s rights.  Specifically, I write in response and rebuttal to those allegations.
Ms. Brennan and Ms. Hungerford’s submission is not an adequate submission.  It does not at all comply with the Communications Procedure Guidelines for identification and documentation of actual incidents of human rights violations, and should be rejected on those grounds alone.

See the rest of what Beth Elliott had to say here

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