Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trans Rights Flow From Marriage Equality? Um, No,

Peeped the latest lie spin coming from the 'all marriage all the time' forces trying to pimp the meme to the huddled trans masses yearning for human rights that GL people gaining marriage equality will mean trans rights flow in their wake.

Really?  Seems like that hasn't happened in Massachusetts, New York, or New Hampshire

Jillian Weiss' quote from a Bilerico project piece on the subject tells it like it T-I-S is along with Kat's post at ENDAblog.  

"The idea that marriage equality is going to help transgender rights is a theory that has no evidence to back it up.".

Let's make this crystal clear once again.  Civil rights do not flow from marriage.  It is the other way around.  Out of all the things we marched for during the Civil Rights movement, jobs, voting rights and stopping the violence and brutality aimed at my people had a much higher priority.

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