Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aaron Doral's Leaving HRC

Pam's House Blend dropped the bomb that Aaron Doral, oops Joe Solmonese is leaving HRC in December

Nope, he won't be missed.

As to who will replace Joe at HRC?   That's an interesting question.  The bottom line is that the trans community will be keeping an eye on our HRC 'frenemy' to see who emerges in Solmonese's soon to be vacated position and adjust accordingly.  

We don't expect the new HRC leader will be a transperson nor a GL person of color. 

What we do expect to continue is their benign neglect policy of the trans community and their 'bidness' as usual at Rhode Island Avenue of pimping incremental progress when it comes to transgender civil and human rights.  

So say we all.

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