Tuesday, August 02, 2011

No More Mr. and Ms. Nice Black Trans

To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, well behaved people rarely make history. 

After the disrespectful snubbing the NAACP gave the African American trans community at their 102nd convention by having a trans free LG(bt) Town Hall meeting, it's time for us Black trans people to stop being polite about being repeatedly crapped on by everyone inside and outside the trans community and get mad and uppity about it.

Black trans people, it's nation time!   It's time for us to demand and see follow through on inclusion in the trans community as a whole.  That is going to be the price that needs to be paid for our continued involvement in this community's joint political efforts.

Nearly 60 years of invisibility is enough.  That needs to and is going to have to change in the 2K10s whether you like it or not.

The NAACP snub made it crystal clear that it's time for the invisibility of African descended trans people on a wide variety of fronts to end. Being polite and asking for the inclusion hasn't worked, so it's time to put to use on our behalf the lessons that are there to be gleaned from our long and distinguished civil rights history.

There are aspects of being in partnership with the white trans community that work.  But we part company when it comes to beating up on Christianity, our faith traditions, our people and the racist and classist separatism being pimped by the WWBT 's that is causing unnecessary drama

The cost to us of in this partnership have been erasure, invisibility, denial of our roles in making trans history, senior leadership ranks of trans orgs that look like the Republican Party, and lack of major input in the direction of the trans rights movement in terms of it satisfactorily addressing the pressing issues of importance to us as African descended transpeople. 

If elements of the white dominated trans community still insist on executing their 'just like you' strategy they copied from their Gay, Inc buddies, are still unwilling to accede to or continue to ignore our demands for doing so in an expeditious manner, then we need to seriously consider forming our own organizations to handle our civil rights business independent of them.   We're tired of the inclusion of African descended transpeople occurring at an 'with all deliberate speed' pace.

Black LG/SGL community, don't think I forgot about y'all. You need to do a much better job of sticking up for the 'T' part of the community when we go head to head with the Forces of Intolerance in our civil rights fights instead of sitting on your hands and wondering when and where the next fabulous party is.  

You also need to just like Black cis folks get your Trans 101 on about our lives so you don't repeat saying stupid stuff like this.  If you don't know, get your learn on and ask a Black trans somebody about it.

It infuriates us that elements of you are sometimes worse than our white GL oppressors and are nothing more than chocolate covered versions of the appletini sipping 'deny the transfolks their human rights' crowd.  You could actually learn some lessons from your bi brothers and sisters in terms of what it means to actually support your ally.

And finally to the African American cis community, we are your brothers and sisters who share the same history, bloodlines, spiritual heritage and connections to the Mother Continent.    You cannot and will not be allowed any longer to ignore our cries for inclusion in the affairs of the African American community and relief from the problems we deal with through just civil rights legislation.

Just as we Black trans people stand up and are counted for issues affecting the African American community at large, we expect you to be front and center advocating for us.  

And oh yeah, gotta remind you peeps we are citizens who votes count just as much as yours do on election day..

Your African descended trans brothers and trans sisters expect you to be loudly denouncing or standing in the way of any attempts by the Forces of Intolerance to roll back our civil rights.  You will not be allowed to turn away from or ignore the facts that it is young African American transwomen being brutalized and killed. You will not be allowed any longer to deny us a seat at the African American family table based on faith-based bigotry, willful ignorance of our lives and the attempted denial of the fact that we exist.

Naw, no more Mr. and Ms. Nice Black Trans.  After what transpired in Washington DC with another one of our transsisters being killed combined with being dissed by the NAACP, that bull feces is over.

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