Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Fake FOX Noise 'War On Christmas'

Happy Holidays y'all!!

The conservafools at FOX Noise don't believe in the 'War on Women', the 'War on Non White People' or the 'War on Planned Parenthood'' that the conservafool movement engages in, but they sure do want to bamboozle their propaganda network watching sheeple into believing there is a 'War on Christmas'

Yeah, right.   

Rev Al calls the GOP network mouthpiece out on their broadcasted BS

And no, as a Christian, I don't believe the conservahype about a 'War on Christmas'.   This is the USA, in which we have no national religion.   You have freedom to worship and freedom NOT to worship if you choose as well and I respect the faith of my Muslim and Jewish friends and even my friends who are agnostic or atheist as long as they reciprocate.

So Happy Holidays y'all! 

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