Thursday, December 27, 2012

Change Only Comes To Government When You Participate

I fail to understand liberals who misguidedly think that change will come to our government by not participating in it. 

Gee, how did sitting on your azzes and 'punishing the Democrats' work out for you in the 2010 midterms?  That's as delusional as the right wingers who think that cutting taxes on the wealthy and laissez-faire capitalism grows the economy and lifts people out of poverty.

I can tell you simply by perusing my people's history that you'd much rather be an active participant in any of the courts and the legislative bodies at the local, state and federal levels that are writing and interpreting the laws.   That lesson should be crystal clear for everyone who considers themselves to be on the liberal progressive side of the political spectrum considering what has happened at the state and national level since those disastrous 2010 midterms.   

It's why you vote in EVERY election for the party and candidates that reflect your values and policy stances. If you don't see that reflected in that political cycle's slate of candidates or your rep in your estimation isn't doing the job you sent them to do, then run for office your damned self. 

And while I'm on the subject of running for public office your damned selves, it's past time that transpeople up our human rights game to another level.   If we're going to have trans inclusive laws and policies that treat us with respect and dignity, we transpeeps need to be on the school boards, the county commissions, the city halls, the state legislatures and in Congress helping to write and enact them, not begging to be included.

If you don't participate in the system and get a seat at the table helping to write the laws that govern you, then don't get pissed off when the laws and policies that come out of the system you refuse to participate in don't reflect your values and policy stances.

TransGriot Note: The second photo is of Kim Coco Iwamoto of Hawaii, who ran for and twice won election to the Hawaii State Board of Education in 2006 and 2010.

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