Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Darn, Dynamo Fall Again In MLS Cup 2012

Well, for much of this match the Dynamo not only outplayed the LA Galaxy, they had a 1-0 lead at halftime.

Unfortunately the Galaxy woke up and put together a burst of second half activity starting around the 60th minute that sent the Dynamo reeling to a 3-1 defeat and ensuring that the MLS Anschutz Cup would stay in Los Angeles.

While the Men in Orange are frustrated and disappointed that their season ended with a second consecutive MLS Cup final loss, they do have CONCACAF champions league play to look forward to next year

They are also resolved to make the new MLS playoff format work in their favor next time in which the team with the highest seed hosts the championship game.  .   

The Dynamo are motivated to ensure in 2013 that should they make it all the way back to play in MLS Cup 2013, it will be played in the much friendlier confines of BBVA Compass Stadium.

Thanks for another wonderful playoff run guys.   Now lets make it happen.

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