Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Already December 21st....

for my readers west of the International Date Line.

Those of you who east of the International Date Line who presume December 21 is the last day our planet will be around you have until the end of the day to send me your valuables for safekeeping.  I'll give them back to you after the Christmas holidays, minus a 10% administration fee.

There's something happening on the 21st, but it happens every year.  It's called the winter (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) or the summer solstice.  It's the shortest day of the year for those of us in the Norther hemisphere and the longest day for those of you in the Southern one.  

If you're north of the Arctic Polar Circle, you'll now get 24 hours of darkness while those of you below the Antarctic Polar Circle will get 24 hours of sunlight.

For those of you clinging to gloom and doom scenarios, we already had the 3 mile wide (5 km) asteroid 4179 Toutatis zip within 7 million kilometers (4.3 million miles) of Earth yesterday.  

Once again I point you to the words of astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

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