Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Texans Watch-Bah Humbug!

The 12-2 Texans had a couple of things on their NFL to do list today before they kicked off their last regular season home game at Reliant against the Minnesota Vikings.  

One of those tasks was to slow down a rampaging Adrian Peterson who was only 294 yards from breaking Eric Dickerson's all time single season rushing mark of 2105.   The second was to clinch home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs by defeating the Vikings, a team they were 0-2 lifetime against.

Well, they got half the job done today.   The Bulls on Parade defense did their job and held Peterson to 85 yards rushing, but the offense was pathetic, lacking a sense of urgency and alarmingly flat for a team that had a chance to handle their NFL home field business. 

The 23-6 lump of coal loss in our Christmas stockings means that next week's finale against the Indianapolis Colts is not only a must win game for the now 12-3 Texans, the starters are now going to have to play some significant minutes to do so.  A loss at Lucas Oil Stadium drops them all the way to the number three seed and has them playing road games in the playoffs against New England and Denver instead of in the climate controlled confines of Reliant Stadium. 

Then again, if they don't get their act together on the offensive side of the ball, it might be a short playoff run no matter where they play the game.

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