Monday, December 17, 2012

POC's Calling Out Problematic Instances Of Racist Behavior Doesn't Make The POC 'Racist'

And y'all need to chill with that crap, especially in liberal-progressive circles.

In fact, I and other POC social justice bloggers are tired of having to point out the obvious or make this ad nauseum point about race and countless others.  Far too often because of whiteness, white supremacy and vanillacentric privilege,  bigoted and racist crap happens that a person of color for their own sanity is going to have to call out    

Sometimes we're going to have to call you out when you do problematic things in the name of 'colorblindness' that cluelessly reinforces the dominance of whiteness.  

When we POC's do that, that is not 'racism'.   FOX noise got y'all twisted on that.   It is not what a pissed off white individual or a conservafool commentator hurls back at a POC who had the courage to speak up and point out a problematic situation so it doesn't happen the next time.

Racism=prejudice plus systemic power.   In fact, let Moni school you on this one more time.:

Racism is the systematic discrimination, denial of rights and benefits by whites against non-whites in all areas of human activity.  (economics, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war).

And naw, that's the Sociology 101 definition of racism.  Don't even try to pull out a definition of racism from Webster's (or any) dictionary and try to argue with me or any other person of color that everybody can be racist.  No, everybody cannot be racist and you are making the mistake that just about every white person does of conflating bigotry and prejudice with racism..      

Exhibit A of what I'm talking about is the voter ID voter suppression laws.   They were proposed by ALEC, written and sponsored by conservative white politicians, passed by conservative white politicians in white dominated state legislatures and vigorously defended by white conservatives.

They had the racist intent of suppressing the turnout of non-white voters and their ability to vote in elections for the candidates of their choice.

So in this example you had whites who attempted to deny the voting rights of non-whites in elections, an area of human activity that determines the outcome of the laws that govern society and how it's organized solely to keep political power and because they fear what will happen when white people become a minority population in 2040.  

Hint to the wise.  Better keep those affirmative action laws on the legal books.. Your kids, grandkids and great grandkids may need them someday.   

Everyone be bigoted and prejudiced.  Everybody can NOT be racist, because persons of color individually or in their respective ethnic groups alone do not have the systemic societal power to deny whites rights and societal benefits in any area of human activity.   

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