Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Y'all Still Hatin' On Serena

Was happy to find out that Sports Illustrated chose Serena Williams as their 2015 Sportsperson of the Year, and deservedly so.

When you come within two sets of accomplishing a tennis feat that hasn't been successfully completed since 1988, you dominated your sport so thoroughly at age 34 that the biggest news in it was you losing in the US Open semis,yeah, you deserve it.

But there are some folks out there, starting with the LA Times who were hatin' on my fave tennis playing sibling and showed their racist  behinds by disrespectfully running a poll comparing her with a horse.and transmisogynist horse racing fans showing their asses on Twitter.

Bet you wouldn't do the same thing to Maria Sharapova, who BTW, wishes she had 1/10th of Serena's talent along with the rest of the European glamazons she routinely beats on the WTA tour.

This ongoing racist and trans misogynistic hatred of her unapologetically Black self is why I and the rest of Black America love her and gleefully celebrate Serena's Grand Slam wins and mourn when she loses in Grand Slam tournaments.

And I and Black America are tired of you vanillacentric privileged haters attacking her femininity.

And with the 2016 tennis schedule about to kick off with the first Grand Slam tournament of the year being the Australian Open from January 18-31, frankly I'm hoping Serena uses it as a springboard to accomplishing the Golden Slam in 2016.

What's the Golden Slam?   Winning all four tennis majors plus the Olympic singles gold medal in a calendar year, which is what Steffi Graf accomplished in 1988.

And speaking of Graf, with one more Grand tournament win, she ties Steffi for all time Grand Slam tournament wins, and Margaret Court's 24 wins are in striking range of Serena this upcoming season as well.

Go Serena!  See y'all haters in Melbourne next month for the Australian Open.

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