Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Should Have Voted For HERO

Well, as those of us who supported HERO tried to tell you peeps who fell for the GOP okey doke and lies back on November 3, the HERO ordinance was about providing a local remedy to combat Houston area discrimination for 15 categories.   It wasn't just an LGBT ordinance or about the bathrooms.

But because of your lack of human rights vision, 61% of you are now discovering too late you got played and you fell for the right-wing anti-trans scare tactics.   As the GOP and the conservafool movement celebrated that night how stupid y'all were and the sellout ministers got kicked to the curb after fulfilling their mission for the white GOP oppressors, our much needed human rights law was repealed.

We are now back to the jacked up human rights situation we had in H-town prior to HERO's passage in May 2014.

The latest person who is discovering the hard way they were hoodwinked and bamboozled by Dave Welch, Steven Hotze and sellout friends, tweeted to Mayor Parker about their problem.

Mayor Parker dropped the truth nuke about what their only expensive option is to combat the H-town discrimination they faced.

Well, I hope that when 2016 rolls around and it comes up with the new mayor and city council, you'll support HERO 2.0 passage and implementation.

Until then, the folks who were doing the H-town discriminating will gleefully continue to do so until they can't or are made to pay for their human rights crimes.

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