Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Girl Meets World' Gets A Third Season

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Y'all know how much I love the show Girl Meets World, which is a Boy Meets World sequel on Disney Channel focused on Corey and Topanga's teen daughter Riley and her tight knit group of friends as the negotiate the challenges of growing up and navigating middle school.

Embedded image permalinkThe show is produced by the same team that produced Boy Meets World, and over its two seasons it has exceeded expectations in being just as good as the original show in addition to being a ratings winner for the Disney Channel. .

The other fun part has been seeing how they have weaved in some of the old BMW characters into this new show.  Riley has had visits over the first two season from her Uncle Josh, Uncle Eric, Uncle Shawn, her paternal grandparents Amy and Alan and soon Aunt Morgan.  

George Feeny and Jonathan Turner have also popped up along with Angela, Jack, TJ Murphy and coning soon in the third season Rachel.   Hopefully we'll also see visits from Topanga's family as the show progresses.  

We have also seen Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett Minkus, who are the parents of Farkle Minkus, part of Riley close knit group of friends.  Shawn Hunter is beginning to date Katy Hart, the mother of Riley's best friend forever Maya Hart.

Embedded image permalinkAnd yes, there is Lucas Friar, the handsome Texan whose friendship with Riley is or may turn into something more.

I received an early Christmas present when it was announced last month that Girl Meets World was being renewed for a third season, and production of those third season episodes will start in January.

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