Friday, December 18, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards- Star Wars VII Is Out Edition

Here's the weekend we Star Wars fans have been waiting for ever since it was announced a new film was in production with JJ Abrams directing it.

Star Wars Episode VII  AKA Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released last night to sellout crowds.  For the first time ever yours truly who is a huge Star Wars fan, unless a miracle happens, won't be attending a Star Wars trilogy movie during its opening weekend.

Oh well, that's the breaks sometimes.  But I will eventually get to my nearby multiplex once the hoopla dies down to see the movie they are projecting may make $100-200 million during this opening weekend.

I definitely want to see a Star Wars move that for the fist time since Lando Calrissian made his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, there's not one, but two characters who looks like me in this particular Star Wars edition played by John Boyega and Lupita Nyongo.

That's before we even start talking about all the Star Wars themed merchandise that's bordering on overkill in every store during this Christmas holiday season.  And yes, Star Wars Episode VIII is already in the planning stages with a tentative May 26, 2017 release date.

Well, on that note, let's get to this week's fools.

Honorable mention number one is Texas scrooge Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (R) who threatened to dispense season's beatdowns to anyone who said 'Happy Holidays' to him.

Happy Holidays. Sid!   And may Texas voters slap you out of public office next year.

Honorable mention number two is Carly Fiorina for not only pandering to the Religious Reich, but getting caught in another lie by stating that General Jack Keane, who never served under President Obama, 'retired early' because of disagreements with the POTUS.  

Keane served under W, Carly, so get your facts straight.

Honorable mention number three is local transphobe Dave Wilson, who has filed to run in the Democratic primary against state rep Jessica Farrar    Will Dave lie in this race and claim he's Latino?

Honorable mention number four is everybody who was on the GOP debate stage lying to the American people.

Honorable mention number five is Denise Slader, who is facing hate crime charges in Alameda County, California  for being a good right wing Christian and attacking Muslims peacefully praying in an East Bay park.

Honorable mention number six is Gilbert Arenas.  The former NBA guard suggested that the WNBA could broaden their appeal to sports fans by wearing scanty uniforms, which the WNBA promptly pit him on blast for.

Honorable mention number seven is Caitlyn Jenner, for popping into Houston to tape a future I Am Cait episode about HERO with ZERO trans Houston representation in it.

This week's fool is Martin Shkreli.  

The Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO attempted in September to raise the price of Daraprim, a drug used to treat HIV/AIDS by 5,500%, and received bipartisan backlash for it.

Now he has been busted by the feds for securities fraud

Can you say 'schadenfreude', TransGriot boys, girls and nonbinary peeps?

Can you also say Martin Shkreli, shut up fool?

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