Saturday, December 05, 2015

'I Am Jazz' Renewed By TLC For Second Season

I have much love for Jazz Jennings and her family, and was pleased to hear that Jazz for the second straight year was named by TIME magazine as one of its 30 Most Influential Teens.

In other news about our fave trans feminine teen, TLC has finally decided to renew the I Am Jazz reality TV series for another season.

The show will get eight more episodes, and features now 15 year old Jazz trying to balance school, her family, athletics and her activist life and also features members of her amazing family.

Earlier this week, after the SPLC certified hate group the Liberty Counsel bullied a Wisconsin school district into cancelling a reading of her children's book entitled I Am Jazz, the town of Mount Horeb, WI responded with two well attended readings in support of the trans feminine child and her family.

And in an open letter concerning the situation, she wrote:

‘My book can help, I think, but I know from my own experience that it is adults like my parents and (Principal Rachael Johnson) who can make sure that transgender children are treated fairly at school and given the same opportunities to succeed in life.‘I have been sharing my story for almost a decade because I don’t want anyone else to feel alone or scared.’
Congrats again, Jazz, and continued success for you!  Looking forward to the next time I get to spend a little quality time with you and your family.


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