Friday, December 18, 2015

Champion Found Guilty In Ty Underwood Murder

There's good news coming out of Tyler this Christmas season concerning one of our fallen trans sisters who was taken away from us earlier this year.

On Tuesday the trial of 21 year old former Texas College football player Carlton Ray Champion, Jr. commenced in Tyler for the January 26 murder of girl like us Ty Underwood.

Champion and Underwood had been in a relationship, and text messages indicate the pair had been arguing several hours before Underwood was found shot to death in her vehicle near the Texas College campus.

The trial lasted three days with the state calling several witnesses.  Champion's defense attorney Melvin Thompson rested his case without calling any witnesses, but asserted at the beginning of the trial they arrested the wrong person.

Champion's defense attorney asserted in his closing statement that the state lacked the evidence to convict his client.

"Not a single police officer got up on the stand and testified that any evidence connected Champion," he said. " The police didn't let the facts lead them to the suspect.   They got a suspect and then tried to find evidence."

Prosecuting attorney Jacob Putnam in his closing statement, went into detail about the dating relationship between Champion and Underwood, and her trans status.

"This case is not about convicting Champion because of his lifestyle or who he hung out with," said Putnam. "This case is about convicting Champion because he killed Ty Underwood."

After deliberating the case for two hours, the jury found Champion guilty of first degree murder.

After the guilty verdict was read, Champion had to be restrained by Smith County deputies after he shouted "I'll be back on the streets."

We'll see about that, homes. The jury still isn't finished with your behind yet/and you have previous brushes with the law.

The punishment phase of the trial starts at 9:30 AM CST, and Champion is facing life in prison.   Here's hoping you get to do some serious time for ending Ty Underwood's too brief life.

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