Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gwen Araujo's Mom Sylvia Guerrero Needs Our Help

17 year old Gwen Araujo was brutally murdered on October 4, 2002 and ever since then, her mother Sylvia Guerrero has been a standup ally for our community.

I was saddened to learn Sylvia has been going through some tough times lately.   To add to the difficulties she's already experiencing, she unexpectedly lost her Social Security disability benefits and her Medicare in June.  The loss of those benefits has resulted in her car being repossessed.  She reapplied for reinstatement those benefits in August, but still hasn't heard any word whether they have been reinstated.

While some friends have stepped up to help her with a short term loan here and there, she's still fiscally underwater and has started a GoFundMe campaign in which she hopes to raise $4,000 to help her purchase a used car to get around and get her life stabilized.

At the time this post was compiled, $1,170 has been raised toward her goal.   Trans family, can we help Sylvia Guerrero out?   She's been there for us, and now she needs the trans community to stand up for her.

Here's the link to the GoFundMe campaign.

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