Monday, December 14, 2015

Houston City Council Will Have Two Progressive Women of Color In 2016

I and many other progressive Houstonians have lamented about CM Ellen Cohen and Mayor Parker being the only progressive women on council in contrast to the conservative CM Brenda Stardig, and the fact we have had zero women of color on it since CM Wanda Adams was term limited off of council in 2012

One of the other joys of Saturday's runoff election is that when January 2, 2016  rolls in, we will have two progressive women of color joining in Councilmembers-elect Amanda Edwards and Karla Cisneros who I hope will get to serve their full terms on Houston City Council.

On January 2, thanks to the passage of Prop 2, the terms for all Houston city officeholders have been changed to where they  serve two four year terms, instead of  three two year terms or six years maximum.   The four year terms take effect in 2019..

One of the new progressive omen councilmembers is Councilmember-elect Amanda Edwards. She will take office in January in the At Large Position 4 seat in The Horseshoe to replace the term limited CM C.O. 'Brad' Bradford.  I had the pleasure of meeting the native Houstonian back in March at the HRC Houston Gala, and believe she has the right stuff to not only have a shot becoming mayor, but possibly higher public offices.

Councilmember-elect Karla Cisneros is no stranger to Houston politics.  She's a  teacher who served six  years on the HISD board and served as board president.  She will be replacing term limited District H CM Ed Gonzalez, who will be running for Harris County Sheriff (hallelujah)

On January 2. CM Cohen is going to get some help (not that she needed it) with two more progressive women yo join her in the Horseshoe, and it has been a much needed development.

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genevieve said...

I'm happy for Houston and that the city will continue in a progressive direction.