Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mayor Parker's Last City Council Meeting

Her third and final term doesn't officially end until January 2 and Mayor-elect Sylvester Turner is inaugurated, but her final city council meeting will be today at 9:00 AM  

It will be the last council meeting for not only Mayor Annise Parker, but term limited councilmembers Ed Gonzalez, who is running for Harris County sheriff, C.O. Bradford, and Steven Costello, who ran for mayor in this recent cycle.

Unfortunately, one of the people we will also say goodbye to is District F CM  Richard Nguyen, who lost his reelection bid in the runoff by 245 votes basically because he was targeted by the HERO haters.

He gave one of the more memorable and moving commentaries before casting his YES vote for HERO passage and serves as a Houston profile in courage.

I'll be at City Hall to check out what's happening and say goodbye to these wonderful public servants.  

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