Sunday, December 13, 2015

ESPA Sells Out NY Trans Community One Last Time


I have not been a fan of the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA), and my dislike of the organization goes back to them throwing the New York trans community under the human rights bus and lying to Sylvia Rivera on her deathbed in 2002 when gender identity language was cut out of SONDA.

ESPA made the usual 'we'll come back for you' incremental progress promises lies in 2002 to bust their behinds to get human rights coverage in New York State for trans people that were once again broken and put on the back burner in 2011 when they raised their appletini glasses and pushed gay marriage through the NY senate as GENDA, the proposed trans rights bill that has passed the NY Assembly for multiple consecutive sessions was stalled in the NY Senate.

In a shocking except to the trans community move, ESPA announced they are shutting down, claiming that with the signing by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) of the trans rights executive orders, they have accomplished their mission.

No boo boo kitties, you haven't.  Until GENDA is passed, you HAVEN'T accomplished your human rights mission because trans rights executive orders do not equal passed legislation with teeth on the NY legal books as you New York gay and lesbian peeps have enjoyed since 2002. And all it takes as we have observed repeatedly at the federal level and around the country since 1992 is a change in governors or a POTUS to erase those executive orders.

I find it interesting that ESPA felt like their job was done in a time when trans New Yorkers are still being beaten and killed for living their trans truth and an anti-trans flavored right wing backlash is building that will be relentless in attempting to roll back and eviscerate everything that was painstakingly accomplished.

I also found it ironic that the guy responsible for throwing the trans community under the bus in 2002, then ESPA ED Matt Foreman, blasted the move

As for the assertion that organizations have a life cycle, the NAACP has been around for over a century because the missions of the NAACP have changed since their founding, and once they accomplish one goal, they adapt to the times.

As for trans New Yorkers?   Well, looks like you've been sold out by ESPA for the last time as they make the moves to shutter the doors of the organization after the ball drops in Times Square to usher in 2016.  .

Well trans New Yorkers, looks like you're on your own in getting GENDA and other community organizing priorities done.

But I have no doubts that once y'all figure out your options and come up with a solid multi year plan to make it happen, you'll get it done.

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