Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 TransGriot NFL Picks- Week 16

APTOPIX Texans Colts Football
Merry Christmas!   Your present from the NFL is the last Thursday night matchup of the 2015 season and a Saturday game for the second consecutive week.

We in H-town got an early Christmas present from the Texans with the snapping of that 0 for Indianapolis streak with their 16-10 win against the Colts .  This was the first ever win as a franchise against the Colts after 13 straight losses in both the now demolished RCA Dome and Lucas Oil Stadium and ended a six game losing streak to the team we hate the most in the AFC South next to the Tennessee Traitors.

And I'm rooting for the Carolina Panthers to go perfect.  In addition to being the first NFC team with a chance to do so, Cam Newton has a chance to make some Black history as the first Black NFL quarterback to lead his team to an undefeated regular season.

Speaking of perfect, I came close to getting my perfect week, but missed on the Thursday night and Monday night games in Week 15 to end up with a still excellent 14-2 week and open up a lead on defending champ Mike with  two weeks to go.

Now I have to hold it.  So let's get busy doing just that.

Week 15 Results                                          2015 Season Record.
TransGriot    14-2                                        TransGriot      147-77
ike             12-4                                         Mike               143-81

Eli                 11-5                                         Eli                  136-88

NFL Week 16 (Home Team In CAPS)

Thursday Night
RAIDERS over Chargers

Saturday Night 
Washington over EAGLES

Sunday Noon

Texans over TITANS
Colts over DOLPHINS
CHIEFS over Browns
Patriots over JETS
BILLS over Cowboys
Panthers over FALCONS
LIONS over 49ers
Steelers over RAVENS

Sunday Afternoon

SAINTS over Jaguars
SEAHAWKS over Rams
CARDINALS over Packers

Sunday Night
VIKINGS over Giants

Monday Night
Bengals over BRONCOS

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