Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What I Would Like To Give The Trans Community For Christmas 2015

We're 48 hours from Christmas Day, and it's been another year for transkind filled with good and bad news.   While we have unprecedented levels of visibility, it has come at the price of the right win increasing their dehumanizing attacks on us for their political advantage and increased anti-trans violence aimed at us.

We have the amazing trans teen Jazz Jennings as a kick butt trans advocate and a newly out trans woman on the Left Coast that needs to sit her azz down and learn from Jazz and a bunch of other longtime activists how it's done in addition to take take the time to get comfortable in her skin.

But let me move on to discussing what I would like to give the trans community for Christmas if I had the power to grant those wishes.

First up is an end to anti-trans violence, and those who visit it upon us getting serious jail time for doing so.

I'd like to see the unemployment rate for trans people come down into the single digits and LGBT orgs actually hiring trans people  (and especially trans people of color) for senior leadership positions.

I'd like to see HIV infections in Trans World come down to zero along with an immediate end to the practice of lumping trans people in the MSM statistics.

I'd like to see culturally competent medical care become a reality for trans people and trans specific care be covered by medical insurance.

I'd like for all trans kids wishing to come out, but fearing they'll be tossed on the streets if they do to be able to do so.

I'd like for all trans people who wish to participate in sports to be able to do so in their desired gender presentation.

I'd like to see all nations allow trans people to change their documentation without erecting fiscal, legal, or medical hurdles for them to do so.

I'd like to see trans people begin to get elected to public office and write the laws and policies that govern them.

I'd like to give trans people pride in themselves, pride in our history and the self confidence to know that we are amazing human beings who can accomplish anything we put our minds to if just given the opportunity to do so.

And finally, I'd like to see trans people be treated with dignity and respect in every situation.

Well, it is the Christmas season, and miracles do happen.   But at least I can get the process started for those wishes to become a reality by speaking about them and getting you to do some hard solid thing about how we make them a reality as a community.

TransGriot Note: The photo of the woman wearing a Christmas hat is none other than the lovely Geena Rocero.

This sister sittin on Santa's lap is the amazing Angelica Ross.

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