Saturday, December 12, 2015

Carmen And Adrian Get Married!

The VH-1 series Couples Therapy has featured Carmen Carrera and her longtime fiance Adrian Torres working out their relationship issues on this season of the show as she drops some knowledge on trans issues at the same time with the other peeps participating in this year's edition of it.

In a year in which we have seen a fictional trans person in Maya Avant get married to the love of her life on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful,  watched Nikki Araguz Loyd win her protracted multiyearTexas legal battle to validate her marriage and take down the odious Littleton v Prange case at the same time, see Janet Mock marry her fiance Aaron Treadwell in her home state, and follow Precious Davis and Myles Brady as they prepare for their own wedding next year, it was nice to see this happen for Carmen and Adrian

Congrats Carmen and Adrian!   may you ave a long healthy and happy marriage.

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