Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Last Chance To Vote For Houston Mayor Saturday

Been hearing some disturbing chatter that there are elements of the Houston LGBT community who are voting against their own political interests for the mayoral candidate who is NOT concerned with their human rights.

And that candidate NOT concerned about your human rights is the one who looks like you and who is endorsed by Steven Hotze and Ted Cruz.

If you wish to see HERO 2.0 happen, it would be in your best interests to head down to your local polling place Saturday and cast your vote for Sylvester Turner, not the carpetbagger who couldn't even run Kemah correctly.

There are also pro-HERO city council candidates who will need your support Saturday.

And just to make it clear where Turner stands on revisiting HERO, here's the open letter he wrote that explains his position.

togetherEarly voting ended yesterday, and this election us tight.  I don't want my hometown going 'back to basics', I want it moving forward as a city, especially on the human rights front.

My vote is already in the can since I went for early voting and has been counted.

I and your fellow progressive Houstonians need those of you who haven't done so yet to handle your electoral business on Saturday.

Every vote matters.  And I don't want to see the wrong persons getting inaugurated at the Wortham Theater on New Year's Day.

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