Friday, December 25, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards-Christmas Fools 2015 Edition

Merry Christmas TransGriot readers! 

Hope Santa Claus brought you what you were hoping for and it was under your tree wrapped up all nice and pretty for you.   If you didn't, there's always your birthday.

Thanks to those of you who may be using your new phones, laptops, tablets or desktop computers to surf by my blog today and who have done so throughout 2015.

Another present you'll get later tonight is a rare Christmas Day full moon.  The last time it happened was in 1977, and the next time it will occur is in 2034, so look up at the sky at our celestial neighbor later tonight for this rare event.

Since today is Friday, that also means I had to handle my usual TransGriot blogging business n deciding what fool, fools or group of fools deserved getting a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings today.

Just a reminder we are closing in on the big reveal of what fool, fools or fools get the 2015 Shut Up Fool of the Year as a late Christmas gift from me yo you to ring in the New Year.   Got it narrowed down to who will win it for 2015, but you readers still have a few days to nominate the peeps who over this year were just over the top in their idiocy.

And let's see what fool, fools or group of fools were naughty and not so nice this week,

635831113131568409-Bevin-GOP-Exec-Comm-BB-00272Let's just go straight to this week's winner.   This week's Christmas Day fool and the last one for 2015 is Kentucky's new Teabagging governor Matt Bevin. (R).

Bevin deserves a trainload of Kentucky coal in his Christmas stocking for issuing the first executive orders of his new administration that rescinded the positive ones that outgoing governor Steve Beshear (D) issued.

In addition to handing hate clerk Kim Davis a victory, he took away the newly won voting rights of 140,000 non-violent felons who had served their time.   Kentucky is one of three US states that permanently take away your voting rights if you are convicted of a felony crime.

In addition to that. the Grinch, er Governor Bevin rolled back the $10.10 minimum wage for state workers back to $7.25 an hour.   For department that had fortunately implemented it, it stays in place, but for those unlucky state workers who hadn't gotten it yet, the TGOP  governor just showed you he and his party don't care about you working class people once again.

Merry Christmas to all you Kentucky folks who either sat out the election or voted for this Tea Klux Klown.  It''s going to be a long four years for you because you're about to get a real world example of why your azzes should have one to the polls on November 3.  .

This is also a prime example of what I and other trans advocates have been talking about when we say that trans rights executive orders are NOT enough and we need trans rights legislation.   An unfriendly governor can erase then with the same pen strokes that created them in the first place.

 Gov. Matt Bevin, shut up fool!

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