Friday, December 11, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards- December Dufus Edition

Is it just me noticing it, or has their been  a societal explosion of stupidity lately?  The ignorati are running wild, facts don't matter and whole networks have sprung up that verity the paranoid delusions of 20% of the population.

It seems that idiocy has really taken hold in the Republican party and the race for their POTUS nomination.  The clown Airbus is still full despite losing some of their village idiot candidates.

And we are still several weeks away from the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, so the cray-cray will continue for another dew weeks.

Well, let's move on to your fave feature on this blog people and announce this week's Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is Donald Trump for the usual fascist crap and hijinks

Honorable mention number two is Bill King, the Houston mayoral candidate supported by Ted Cruz who still is pimping the bathroom meme on the eve of the runoff election

Honorable mention number three is Abigail Fisher, who is crying White Women's Tears about affirmative action because her mediocre ass didn't getting into UT because of her grades, blamed it on Black people, already filed one suit that was heard by the SCOTUS and lost, and the SCOTUS heard her tears and her case again..

Honorable mention number four is Come and Take It Texas, a open carry group that wanted to stage a mock mass shooting on the UT campus during finals until the administration told them they would be arrested for criminal trespassing if they did.

Guess they forgot about that mass shooting that happened on the UT campus back on August 1, 1966

Kprvoaul8rvdmwppw5doThis week's Shut Up Fool winner is SCOTUS Injustice Antonin Scalia,.who opened his mouth in the oral arguments Wednesday in the Fisher v. University of Texas affirmative action case and let something racist fly out of it

I'm about to go Maya Wilkes again on this one.

Looks like Princeton and Harvard Law weren't 'too advanced' for the POTUS and FLOTUS and thousands of other grads of PWI's (predominately white institutions), and how dare you open your racist mouth to say something that ignorant.

Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD) also dropped the hammer on Injustice Scalia

Scalia is a living example of what I have said more than a few times on this blog and elsewhere in that the most dangerous bigots are the ones with the power to write legislation or who like Scalia, sit in judicial seats.

Injustice Antonin Scalia, shut up fool!

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