Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Vietnamese Trans People Celebrate Legal Recognition Gain

People gather on Ho Chi Minh City's Nguyen Hue Street to celebrate lawmakers' recognition of their rights. Photo: Vu Phuong

Our trans cousins in Vietnam are celebrating a new law recently passed by their National Assembly that will recognize the rights of transpeople in that nation.

The Amended Civil Code is set to take effect in 2017 and will allow people who have undergone gender reassignment to change their identity documents to reflect who they are now.

Vietnamese trans people have been getting increased exposure and recognition there over the last few years like singer Cindy Thai Tai and writer Nguyen Ngoc Thach, but like everywhere else in the world, the 'T' was told to wait their turn as the L and G moved forward to gain rights coverage there.

"Registering for a new ID card with my true gender identity is no longer just a dream." said Gia Ky."I will no longer be embarrassed when applying for a job or other papers.".   

It is hoped by Vietnamese trans people that it will help mitigate much of the anti-trans discrimination they face in that nation.

It's also hope by trans people in Vietnam that this is their tipping point moment toward having their human rights recognized and respected.

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