Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Trans Hate Is Already Flowing For The Holidays

This post I wrote asking for a holiday season free from anti-trans hatred was barely up 72 hours when in rapid succession, my junior senator from Canada started trying to tell the quickly debunked lie that the terrorist who attacked the Colorado Springs, CO Planned Parenthood clinic was transgender, a sellout kneegrow minister started throwing the anti-trans bathroom meme shade in Jacksonville, FL I received word that trans woman Kathy Sal was viciously attacked outside her home and subsequently disrespected by the New York media, and another British trans woman locked up in a men prison was found dead in her cell in less than a month..

And as you probably guessed, the comment threads about the Sal attack are overflowing with anti-trans ignorance.

To add to that depressing quartet of holiday news, the verdict came out Tuesday in the Jennifer Laude murder trial in the Philippines, and my transpinay sisters (and yours truly) are not happy that her murderer Jonathan Pemberton parlayed the trans panic defense into a 6 to 12 year sentence,

Unfortunately it seems that once again the trans hate is flowing for the holidays along with the egg nog, and we're only two days into the month of December.

Yes peeps, it's going to get better, but because of the increased visibility, we're also going to get increased hatred from the ignorati and those folks insecure in their own gender identities and sexual orientations.  The fact we trans folks are owning our power terrifies them, and they want to stamp it out.

But we must stand taller, strut proudly, and declare in a loud and unshakable voice, "I am a trans woman (or trans man) and I will not allow you to erase my humanity during this holiday season."

And we must hold on tighter to our blood and chosen family, friends and allies that love us in these trying times.   We must also be resolute in our faith in whatever higher power you believe in that this too shall pass.

January 2016 will be here before we know it.

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