Friday, December 04, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Every now and then I find myself doing some hard solid thinking about the fact that the pioneering #girlslikeus I admired as a teen when I was struggling with my gender issues I actually get a chance to chat with as a trans human rights advocate from time to time.

And I realize at that point how fascinating my life really is at times.

I've had (and still have) some interesting and amazing conversations from time to time with one of our pioneering models who is more than 'just another girl' as she likes to describe herself.   She recently launched the Just Another Girl website that not only tells her story for a new generation, but is kid friendly and chock full of information about trans issues. .

We're only a few years apart age wise, and Lauren Foster is still all that and ten bags of chips as she celebrates another birthday today. I also find it interesting that she and Tyra Banks share the same birthday.

But this post is all about giving Ms. Foster the TransGriot birthday shout out she deserves.

Happy birthday Lauren!   May you have a celebration of the day you arrived on this planet that is as cool as you are!  Looking forward to the next time we get to chat, and may you be blessed to celebrate many more birthdays to come!  .

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