Friday, December 04, 2015

Mount Horeb 'I Am Jazz' Library Reading Draws Overflow Crowd


After a reading of the book I Am Jazz was canceled due to lawsuit threats by the Liberty Counsel hate group, a reading in the Mount Horeb Public Library was scheduled last night that was organized by Amy Lyle to support the trans feminine child and her family.

To the stunned and pleased surprise of the organizers, the book reading drew a crowd of 600 people in this town 25 miles southwest of Madison, WI.

"I knew that our Mount Horeb community was a loving compassionate and caring one for all kids--I knew that in my heart-but you all have just shown that to be overwhelmingly true," said organizer Amy Lyle.

The reading scheduled at Mount Horeb High School that morning drew 200 people at the school's flagpole before classes started.   The reading at the library featured Jessica Herthel, the co-author of I Am Jazz who flew in from California to support the family.

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. -- A legal fight over a book has students taking reading into their own hands.
Mount Horeb HS Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) member Claire Jenkins praised the elementary school at the center of the debate and said "This is a day to show a little girl we love her."

You not only overwhelmingly did so Mount Horeb, but you also demonstrated it to the trans community and the world at a time when we trans folks of all ages really needed to hear some good news after a few days of negative events impacting us.

Thank you Mount Horeb for demonstrating what being supportive and caring trans allies looks like in practice and rebuking the transphobic Liberty Counsel hatemongers.

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